About Us

VENEZUELA TV NEWS (A division of USA TV NEWS CORP) is multi-platform news and information media broadcast company. Every year, we deliver world-class journalism to more than 10 million world’s most influential audiences in over 150 countries, who want to stay up-to-date with all that is happening in the world. Whether it’s News, Sports, Money, Politics, or Entertainment, we drive an imperative conversation every day on every platform. We aim to provide news, stories, and features that touch and reflect lifestyle, choices, and aspirations. We are a division of USA TV NEWS CORP.

When it comes to online news, millions of people across the world trust VENEZUELA TV NEWS Digital. That is because we not only inform people, but we also engage with them and empower them by sharing the true picture of things. We focus on the issues that matter, the events that are making the right connection with the people, and the technologies that are shaping our today and tomorrow.

Each of our journalists has only one aim — to find out the truth and report it as it is to people all around the world. Reporting the news fairly, accurately, and vigorously is not only our job but it is also our passion.

To be able to report facts and stories from all around the globe as they happen, it is important to have a diverse and inclusive work environment. At VENEZUELA TV NEWS, we have strong work ethics in place and we totally believe in a diverse, inclusive workplace. We have full-time & part-time journalists on the ground in over 150 countries. Every year, we reach out to as many as 10 million viewers across the world. To make sure we share and tell stories with accuracy, empathy, and respect, we are fully committed to creating a diverse team.

VENEZUELA TV NEWS offers a wide range of multimedia products. This includes digital, mobile, and web.

Given the quality of our work, our materials are frequently quoted by official web portals of various governmental agencies. In addition, VENEZUELA TV NEWS is the media partner of choice for various esteemed international conferences, forums, events, seminars, and exhibitions.

What We Do

At VENEZUELA TV NEWS, we bring you real stories—as they unfold. We constantly and persistently strive to achieve excellence and maintain credibility through accurate, comprehensive, impartial, and real-time reporting. We are a team of the most dedicated and professional journalists who together cover the whole world.

What We Believe

Information overload is a big problem today with which viewers grapple on an everyday basis. We only believe in facts, and do our best to accurately represent events, big and small. However, we just don’t show viewers plain facts—we also help them understand the stories that affect them. We share not just events, but also issues that impact them. We bring to them not only headlines but also the bottom line. We don’t offer them another perspective from far away, but rather insights from the heart of the action.

With journalists based in all major cities in the world, you can count on VENEZUELA TV NEWS to comprehensively cover the whole world.


To Engage, Empower, and Inform the World

At VENEZUELA TV NEWS, each of us is a truth seeker and a storyteller.

Each of us is a journalist par excellence, united by a common mission: To engage, empower, and inform you and millions of other viewers.

We bring stories, events, and facts as they happen. But we go beyond the plain facts; we not only bring the facts to you but also explain why it happens and what it means to you.

We deliver content that is relevant and services that are top-notch. Each of our team members works to enrich the lives of our audiences. We strive to raise the bar for journalism and ensure you never have to settle for second-rate news.

We are fully committed to reporting the truth.

VENEZUELA TV NEWS has been in the business of reporting the truth since 2015. We tell stories that others are speaking in a more humane way. We also tell stories that others are not telling.

We have been the torchbearers of truth and will remain that always. Our commitment to telling stories truthfully is hundred percent.

Our full-time & part-time journalists are spread across the world. They bring you stories, sometimes at grave personal risk, as they unfold. We are witnesses to history and help you not only become aware of the big and small events but also develop a better understanding of them.

Journalism is our passion. It’s our calling. And we do it with complete dedication because we know—better than others—journalism has the power to change the world in a positive way.


We don’t cater to one specific type of audience group. We cater to all.

We reach diverse, distinct, and affluent audiences across generations and demographics and have varied interests and preferences.

Honest journalism, original reporting, and creative storytelling are our forte. We offer multiplatform services, products, and solutions.

We are the first to report big events and stories. News broadcasted by us is frequently shared by other media organizations and discussed on social media platforms.

We reach more people and touch more lives than other digital media organizations in the world because we are a digital media brand owned by USA TV NEWS Corp, a company having more than 200 digital media brands globally. We have readers in all the countries whether developed countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, etc or developing countries like India, China, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. Thanks to our massive reach, we are able to connect with audiences of all groups, be it millennials, GENX, Baby Boomers, Parents, Affluent Consumers, Influencers, Families, or Multicultural.


VENEZUELA TV NEWS is a digital media brand owned by USA TV News Corp—a top-rated international media business committed to creating and distributing content that not only informs but also educates and inspires our viewers. We own more than 200 country-wise global digital media brands (more digital media brands than any other media company in the world) that cover regional and national news in local languages in over 150 countries.  This has made us become amongst the most popular, sustainable, successful, responsible, and largest digital media news companies in the world.